Aerospace White Paper

This report is intended to give a general overview of the global aerospace market and provide information about how Nexans is continuing to introduce new products, solutions and services to serve that market.

Aerospace White PaperIt opens with a broad description of the world Aerospace industry, explains some general trends for both commercial airlines and defense, introduces the major players and newcomers, and outlines the challenges in two widely differing areas.

Then the paper examines in detail a series of current trends that have a symbiotic relationship to cables and cable solutions. At times, these trends prompt innovation in cable development, design and processes; at other times, cable solutions empower the aerospace industry to meet its chosen strategic and commercial targets, always with the ultimate users, including flight crews and passengers, in mind. This section concludes with a list what is expected from a cable manufacturer.

The third section explains Nexans’ integrated products and solutions for both the commercial and defense markets, focuses on several specific products and solutions to meet the trends outlined in section two, lists the current aviation standards being met, and explains Nexans dedicated aerospace services.

Finally, it concludes with a brief review of Nexans major aerospace achievements, and in the Appendix lists some headlines, milestones, projects and awards.


Introduction: innovating within cost

  • General trends: commercial aircraft
  • General trends: defense
  • Major players and newcomers
  • Commercial air challenges in an expanding market
  • Defense challenges in budget-constrained declining market

Cable-related aerospace trends

  1. Lighter weight and fuel efficiency
  2.  Need to boost electrical power onboard
  3.  Higher data transmission for flight operations and in-flight entertainment (IFE)
  4.  Operational safety
    a. Fire and toxicity
    b. Synthetic Vision Systems (SVS)
    c. Airplane Health Monitoring (AHM)
  5. Lighter, more reliable and powerful engines
  6. Environmental concerns
  7. What is expected from a cable manufacturer

Nexans: advanced cable solutions to meet aerospace needs

  • For commercial aviation
  • For the defense market
  • Aerospace cable solutions for safety, reliability, efficiency and adaptability
  • Standards and specifications
  • A full range of products and solutions
  • A suite of services designed for aerospace

Appendix: some Nexans Aerospace headlines and milestones


Dominique Dhenin Nexans Fabien Bouvier Nexans Olivier Pinto Nexans

Dominique DHENIN
Key Account Manager for Airbus, Nexans,

Sales Manager for Aerospace and Defense markets, Nexans

Olivier PINTO
Technical Manager for the Aerospace and Defense markets, Nexans


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